Quick trip to Madrid

4:00:00 PM

I just got back from the airport. Being there made me want to take the next flight right away, because this time I had to drive someone there. Luckily one more month and I'll be there to fly to a new city I haven't visited yet.
I drove my mother to the airport since she is flying to Madrid today for a few days. I visited Madrid some years ago and I remember I completely fell in love with the city: big avenues, charming buildings, cute shops, great atmosphere, long walks surrounded by green trees... such a beautiful place to spend a weekend!

I could not choose Madrid over Barcelona but I definitely recommend the place for a long weekend.
Here are some photos I took when I was there.


If you have been to Madrid please do share your thoughts and suggestions! 


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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. Madrid is definitely on top of my list of cities I want to visit, and your lovely post just reminded me how bad I want to go there! :)

    1. It's beautiful. ALthough as a good Catalan living close to Barcelona I sugest that you visit Barcelona first! :)