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I am in love with autumn. I am completely obsessed with its colours and weather. It was September and I could not wait to wear my boots and all autumn shades I have in my closet. Browns, beige, gold, black, grey, burgundy...! One could doubt about my mental stability when checking my closet (are there more colours apart from the shades of brown?)
Some weekends ago I already started wearing burgundy (obsessed much? wait until Christmas is near...the craziness is for real). I went with my father to see a basketball match and it was the perfect occasion to carry a new bag, which I will show in this blog in a next post about fashion.

Today I was getting dressed to head to the airport, and my dilemma was to choose between two pairs of boots. I ended up wearing animal print booties by the gorgeous Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez.  I wore these with black trousers and a light brown blouse, although I will definitely wear them whenever I go with a 100% black outfit. 

Adolfo Dominguez


The second pair of boots are by the also Spanish firm Fosco. They can save you and make you look good in any occasion wearing any outfit. The heel is also ok, as well as the wedges in AD's leopard boots.
Which ones do you like best? What are your favourite clothes to wear in autumn? Share your thoughts and opinion!


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  1. Both are sassy and fall perfect! Have a great day. xoxo