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6:46:00 PM

Today I received a gorgeous pair of shoes I ordered not very long ago. I was looking through Missguided website and fell in love with lots of their items, mostly shoes. I promised myself I would buy ONLY 1 item so I had to choose between all the shoes I liked. It was hard but I ended up ordering brown heels with some golden detail. Though I wanted sth in black -let's be honest 80% of my closet is beige and brown, so....

Their prices are quite low so I thought I may buy another pair soon... :) Here you have my new lace up tassel heeled sandals with the gold chain detail.

I guess I will be wearing them with any beige dress, or even jeans and a nice blouse or top.

Here are the other options I considered buying and which are currently in my mental wishlist:

Heeled knee high tie back boots (I think this will be definitely a purchase). Super wearable for everyday outfits.

Black feathers lace up heeled sandals in black. I loved these for a night out with a good LBD (or any other color...)

Detailed lace up sandals in red/burgundy.

What are your fall purchases so far? Any shoes in mind? 


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3 comments to blue my mind

  1. I love strappy shoes, these all look gorgeous- I think the red ones are my favourite!

    1. they are great and can make a casual ooutfit look gorgeous!