Sevilla: Southern Spain is simply charming.

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I woke up with a Spanish song called Sevilla on my mind today. 1st thing after breakfast was to search for cheap flights to Sevilla for the next weekend (this is how half my trips are decision-made). 
I have been twice to this beautiful city but I feel I have to go again, this time with friends. 
I was there when I was a kid so I cannot remember the experience 100%, and I returned for a 1day trip when I was 17. I know I preferred Granada (we visited almost all the major cities in the south) but Sevilla had something special which made everyone happy.

So I thought it would be nice to share my experience of a 1day trip in this gorgeous and warm city, which is loved by all people who visit the southern region of Andalucía. All photos are my own, taken in July-August.

What to see in Sevilla? 
There are many hidden streets and great buildings to see in this city. Obviously La Giralda, Plaza España and the cathedral are mandatory. Next to Plaza España there is a beautiful park called Parque de Maria Luisa, where you can rest and relax after having visited the city.
Plaza España

Plaza España
Seville's cathedral is known to be the biggest catholic church in the world. 
La Giralda is the best known bell tower in the city and probably the whole region of Andalusia. Entrance is only free for local people and kids, students have to pay 3€ and the rest of people 8€. I do not know if it is worth the visit since I did not enter... But only from the outside it is quite outstanding. 


The Alcazar is nice if you like to visit castles, royal and historical buildings when you travel. 
The Bridge of Isabel II is amazing if you pass by at night, you can admire the lights and the river all together, next to the neighborhood of Triana.

Torre del Oro is next to the river so you can just pass by when walking around the city. 

Torre del Oro next to the river Guadalquivir

What to wear in Sevilla? & when to visit it?
Since I visited Sevilla during summer I suggest very light clothes because the weather is hell itself. I wore shorts and sleeveless shirts, sandals and sunglasses. Lots of people wear summer dresses, flip flops or skirts. If you go in winter obviously the weather will be cold so do not think it will be warm just because it is southern Spain. In January the average temperature is around 11ºC, the good thing is that Sevilla is very sunny so even if it is cold and windy you can still enjoy some sun. If you go to this city during spring be sure to wear an umbrella, since March is the most rainy month there. I would love to return to this city in autumn, since the weather is still a bit warm but not that hotness that makes you sweat 24/7. Plus, the foliage offers a wide range of colors in trees, bushes and the streets look wonderful. 

Where to eat in Sevilla?
This city offers a lot of variety and good places (and prices) to eat, my suggestion is to get a bit lost around the center and just choose one of the charming restaurants/bars which offer very tasty and good local food. 

Parque de Maria Luisa

You can find these lovely houses just walking around the city

Patios have a special charm only found in the south of Spain

I loved this kind of architecture

Plaza España

I hope you liked the post and considered (or REconsidered, if you have already been there) visiting this warm and friendly place. 
Which places do you think are a must-visit? 


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