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After checking the website too many times and following one of its founders' blog for a long time... I decided to buy something I had my eye on ..on Trendcy. I have lots of accessories but lately I felt I was not wearing them because I just got tired of some or they did not match any more my new clothes (or at least the ones I wear now the most). So I was looking for a simple but special necklace, and I found it on Trendcy.

How nice is it? I personally loved the blue detail and the fact that it's a 3 in 1 necklace. I thought the price was low and I instantly thought of lots of outfits I have that could match with this lovely golden necklace 

As usual I was so lucky they did not have it in Barcelona, so they had to re-order the item and it had to be shipped from San Francisco. I got an email with all this information and I have to say the treatment was excellent, not like ordinary customer-company emails which are correct and polite and that's all. When I replied to Trendcy asking some doubts, Katarina (co-founder) answered me explaining everything and in a very nice and friendly way. I was happy to receive that email from her since I follow LaKatwalk and found funny the coincidence that her boyfriend plays for my favorite team! :) 

So far I have worn this necklace with a khaki sweater and a brown/beige one. Everyone who has seen it on me likes it and has asked me about it so I have already told them about Trendcy

I also got some points to be exchanged for a discount and another discount for having had to wait more than expected. I have a wishlist on the website so I don't think I will be able to wait until I purchase one of the other items I liked... 

I posted a picture of me wearing the Hamsa Necklace on facebook and instagram and tagged Trendcy so they re-posted it with a very friendly and kind message :)

What are your favorite accessories to wear with everyday outfits? 

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4 comments to blue my mind

  1. Thank you so much Lau for a wonderful post! :)
    We are so happy you like the necklace and looking to get some more items from Trendcy!

    Trendcy Team

    1. thanks :) so if you have seen both ear cuffs, would you recommend me more the golden or the silver one? haha

  2. Lovely pieces! I love jewelries!
    Xo, Christianne