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BDay is around the corner... and as usual, my wishlist is getting longer. I know my closest friends and family want to give me a birthday gift but experience over the years has shown everyone I am a tough one when it comes to make presents. I should make clear I always say "just come to the celebration, I don't need gifts!" but of course I would do the same and they end up buying me some special thing. I always made wishlists so when I had some money or I decided which item I prefered from all my list I would go and buy it... but every November I kind of show the list to people so we can get a win-win situation: they do not have to think a lot and I do not have to feel guilty for giving myself autogifts :'D

So these are the things I wanted to have before this year ends:

This little silver or golden ear cuff  from Trendcy has been on my list for some time now and if I don't get it as a present I can tell 100% sure it will be an auto-gift for either bday or Christmas! 

These heeled knee high boots by Missguided were also wandering on my mind for some time buut I decided to buy another pair of shoes so these were saved as "maybe later". They look super wearable with jeans and winter outfits in general! The heel makes it more stylish and the tassel detail at the back plus its soft material makes it different from all the ones I have at home!

Another item I want to have soon in my house is Lindsey Kelk's new book A Girl's Best Friend. I am currently reading one by her (I Heart Christmas) and it is very funny... I also read other by Kelk where the main character is Jenny and I have to admit she was funnier than Angela (the main character in the I heart series). This one has Tess as the clumsy-with-life girl in the story but I like what this plot is going to be about since it mixes friendship and Christmas holidays!

Makeup is one of my guilty pleasures and I could never get tired of it (sp. lipsticks). L'Oreal new PINK line looks stunning and I am dying to try some of them on. All of them look amazing, though Eva's is 100% lau. Julianne's and Natasha's are lovely and Jlo's is nice though I really fell in love with JLo's nude line lipstick 2 seasons ago.

And of course I am lately obsessed with jewelry even though I end up wearing none in my everyday life... Pandora's rings are amazing! These are a few I selected to put on my bday/xmas wishlist for 2015:

Which one is your favourite? What are the typical things you put on your wishlist for bday celebrations or Christmas? :)


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