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Who doesn't like to celebrate their birthday abroad? I absolutely do and I have been doing this since I turned 19. This year I went to Budapest with a couple of friends and we enjoyed its lovely architecture, tasty local food and not-so-great weather.

This summer I visited Prague with other friends and I felt I needed to visit Budapest as well. I spent all September obsessing over Budapest and telling my bestie about cheap flights and my traditional bday abroad... so we decided to book the flights. I told all the others but November is not the best month to go on holiday and our jobs go 1st of course, so only these ones could ask for a day off (lucky lau bday was on MONDAY).

First thing I did when I met my 2 friends was to give them an early bday/xmas gift to say thanks for coming to the trip and hoping they didn't hate me for having chosen such a cold city. How to say all that with a lil gift? Chapstick! With Christmas colours, I putted together a pair of lipbalms (one white and the other red) which smelled delicious, one of them was great and it smelled like red fruits. Super xmasy. They loved it- it worked, ha.

Although the first day we could only enjoy some night hours (we were tired and had to prepare everything for the 2 following days) we saw a bit of our surroundings and went to a Japanese restaurant which served amazing food and was super affordable. Afterwards we went to have a cocktail and could not last a lot because Morpheus was calling us.. zz

The hotel was incredibly well located and super comfy. We absolutely loved the room, all its colours were my favourite ones! It had a big picture and we could see the Opera through the window :) 

On Sunday we of course got lost to start the day and after several silly desperate questions and wonderful attempts to pronounce the Hungarian street names correctly, we found ourselves next to the great Sinagogue. We later visited Buda and had the chance to feel better for having walked so much we might have burned some kcal (our breakfast was more like a XXL breakfast). The weather didn't help a lot since it didn't stop raining and we had to carry our umbrella with us all the time, plus fighting against the wind with it. I really deserve an award for having managed not to kill anyone with my umbrella (absent minded much?).

We had lunch in a Hungarian restaurant and had the chance to eat traditional Goulash soup which was great, since we were super cold and it was really warm. 
Later on we discovered the Christmas market around the center of the city and we spend some time just looking at the little houses with food, souvenirs, handmade jewelry, clothes etc.


We also took the river cruise to see the city at night with all its lights and beautiful sights from the Danube. It got super cold but it was worth it. We had a glass of champagne to celebrate our friendship and annual bday celebration away.

 On Monday we took a tour around Buda and Pest and later we went for some shopping and more sightseeing.  We just saw the rest of the city and bought some souvenir (fashion magnet was a must!) We also ate some local pastries (delicious!) and went to see more beautiful sights from an uphill :)

We definitely loved the trip together but the most important is to have fun with your people so the city is just an add. We have been friends since we went to high school together (that is 11 years now, ooou time flies!).


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  1. Gimme an award already, I survived Lau's umbrella constant attacks! Feeling like a ninja :))

    1. "why is she even given an unbrella/bag? watch out people" LOL

  2. Nice experience. I love Budapest :)

  3. Fab post <3


  4. Loved your Budapest post! It really seems like you girls had a lot of fun in the city (even though the weather wasn't at its best). :)

  5. Budapest is really mindblueing :)
    It's probably our favorite European capital. We wrote an article about the best of it: