From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

11:02:00 PM

2 Christmases ago I read From Notting Hill with Love... Actually by Ali McNamara. This is a post I am reviving from my other (minute silence for its death) blog coffee-mornings

If you like movies and have seen Love Actually, Notting Hill, and others- you will like this story. Scarlett is a girl who is addicted to the cinema world and related everything she finds herself in to some movie. I bought this book at the airport, while waiting for my flight to be announced. I was in London and was coming back to Barcelona, and I needed something to read...otherwise I would fall asleep and probably miss the flight announcement. Also, the fact that the title contained one of my favourite movie titles (Love Actually) was a plus.

I was not super amazed by the story but it was OK. I Think it is a nice winter afternoon reading which contains a love story as well as adventure.

I also read this story's second part... From Notting Hill To New York... Actually , which continues with Scarlett and his love, Sean. I will post something about this one too someday... :)

Have you read these books?


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