NARS: true love

All my friends know I have a special obsession with NARS ❤ when it comes to makeup brands. I use different brands depending on the product but it is true I have been 100% loyal to the French makeup name with its lipsticks, lipglosses and mainly their star product- the multiple bar. 
I discovered NARS thanks to a good friend who one day just gave me The Multiple in Portofino because she was not going to use it and thought it would appeal to my skin colour. Boy what a nice discovery. I always joke about our friendship being based on Portofino Multiple since we started talking a bit more from that day on.. and became besties at university and makeup junkies who travel for hours together only to spend their salaries on makeup in Andorra.  Although it can be used on lips and eyes, I only use it as a blush, and it gives me the most desired colour both in summer and winter.

I later started obsessing over NARS Dolce Vita lipstick and Orgasm lipgloss, which I also purchased. So far I have been using each NARS product I own almost every day/once a week and I have only used up THE Portofino Multiple I got in (alarming) 2009 and NARS Laguna Bronzer. Yes. They are worth their price because they are everlasting. Dolce Vita is the perfect colour for an everyday look if you don't want anything bright and shocking on your lips but you want a bit of rose. I use it a lot and it seems it will last some years...

One summer I wanted some shinny lipgloss and decided to try the famous Orgasm on. Problem was I was not able to choose between Orgasm and Super Orgasm, which were kinda similar but Orgasm had a more peachy tone whereas Super Org was more pink. Solution? Buy them all (both, alarms off). 

The list got longer when I saw how amazing Copacabana multiple looks on your eyes, upper cheeks and even lips... Counting down the days for pay-day I headed to Sephora to buy this one... and it may have been the one I have used the least but I still adore it. Lots of celebs use this and no wonder why. I saw the beautiful Annalynne Mccord showing some items from her makeup bag and of course this one was a must for her. Others such as JLlo and SJP use it too.

When autumn/fall arrives lau gets mad about the burgundies, browns and dark red in general so it's no secret I was def. going to purchase Afghan Red lipstick. This is not a bright red lipstick but rather a soft (but quite dark) burgundy for an everyday use. It sure makes a statement but a very classy one. 

Summer came again and my dream destination were the Greek islands. Shame on me and my unsuccessful saving strategies I couldn't go to Santorini Mykonos and Crete so I changed the destination for a cheaper one... But when I saw NARS had a lipgloss named Greek Holiday I didn't think it twice and I decided to spend some money on my alternative Greek Holiday... a shiny sand-coloured lipgloss which looks A-MA-ZING in summer, even more if you have a good tan. 

Not happy with a Greek Holiday I also purchased the Roman Holiday velvet matte lip pencil. The colour looks perfect and I like to wear soft pinks in winter. The name was also perfect to make it more lau since I am IN LOVE with Rome and the country itself.

My latest obsession was one of their Matte Lipsticks. I went to Sephora to collect my Bday gift when I couldn't help but notice some new lipstick I hadn't seen before... I was curious about this different line and matte effect on the lips and when I tried it on on  my hand I totally loved the colour of Bangkok. I recently came back to Sephora to stop thinking about how beautiful it would look with all my outfits and other excuses my mind makes up in order to become a bit poorer each month. Truth is I now wear it everyday and I am super happy with it!

What is your favourite makeup brand? Any obsession/wishlist? 


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4 comments to blue my mind

  1. NARS is a great brand. I love their blushes, well who doesn't, lol. Wishing you a glorious day.

    1. thanks and yes im addicted to this brand! :)

  2. Gotta love NARS! I have a lip pencil from them and it's fabulous. I need more!! lol Great blog you have!

    1. thank you! their products are forever lasting and perfect quality!:)