Where to celebrate New Year's Eve?

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Yes, I am aware it's only November. And yes, I am already thinking about Christmas and New Year's Eve. Why is that? Apart from the fact that I spend half my days admiring Christmas decorations regardless of the season we are in (be it summer, I don't care), I am super thrilled to know this year I will be abroad for part of the Christmas season and New Year's Eve. I still don't know where we will be on the 31st Dec. but we are sure we are going to visit Poland after Christmas day. Our plan is to make some route to get as far as we can (limit is Croatia) so we don't know where fate will lead us to make a toast under some fireworks and under a lot of degrees.

This is why I started to google some photos related to NYE in several central-eastern European countries. The pics I found were all amazing, and I wish I could just take some minutes of the celebration from every city I checked.


Bratislava knows how to make a small town shine with its brightest colours and make it big in a special way. The mix of the lights from the buildings and the fireworks looks amazing and the colour the river gets is just ideal to create a magic atmosphere to celebrate the beginning of a new year. I consider this city a good option since it looks super charming and the hotels are really affordable on holidays. Their celebration is surrounded by several music performances and people from all ages around, no traffic allowed inside the city center (thanks!). Weather can be a b* sometimes so in case of bad weather there are lots of cafes and bars which are open until next morning.


Slovenia's capital city has been calling my name for some years, and from what I can see in their Christmas pictures it is a MUST if you are Lau. Though it might be a small city, it offers charming decorations and NYE celebration gathers people in the street to greet and celebrate the coming of the next year. I haven't found a lot of info but everything looks amazing! Its squares are full of people with different performances for all people.


Prague has my heart (and she knows it) and it would be an abso-f*king-lutely YES from me to spend NYE there. I know it is a popular destination so the prices won't be the same as Bratislava or Ljubljana, but of course Christmas in the Czech Republic should be mandatory for any xmas lover.
The lovely city offers different performances around and it even gives 2 options to see fireworks, so if you don't feel like watching the Castle's fireworks from the river you can also head to the center or Wenceslas Square, where the atmosphere is a bit different.

Vienna is a city which is in the middle of our route. but for which I still have not enough desire. Being a rich and big city makes it easier to offer big celebrations so the city is full of great decorations, music and people all around. Its greatness stands out thanks to the thousands of lights that make the city shine, and the music is a must in the capital of the greatest classic composers.

It is said Zagreb is one of the best places to celebrate holiday's festivities. I am afraid we will not have time to reach Croatia (sits on the floor and cries*) but it was my 1st target (Poland-Croatia). NYE in Zagreb is celebrated in different points of the city and people enjoy each one of them. Mental note: if we do not get to Croatia this time, I will not rest until I visit the country in summer!

Wroclaw. If we are dreaming too big and by next month we realize the best option is to stay in one cold place, we may end up celebrating NYE in Poland. That is fine too. Wroclaw has a lot of nightlife and from what I can see they know how to throw a NYE party. Fireworks, music performances, lightshows and DJs will make sure Polish people do not sleep and start the new year with a big smile.

This is the list I have in my head but of course it looks too long. Probably time and money will decide our celebration for us but we are happy with any of these places. 
Have you been to any of these cities/countries? What do you know about their celebrations?


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7 comments to blue my mind

  1. Amazing cities! I will stay in Prague, the most beautiful city I've ever seen:)
    One blondie life

    1. yes they are! Prague is always stunning :)

  2. bratislava picture is really nice, I have to plan a tripp there :)


    1. i ended up spending NYE in Bratislava!:)

  3. Ljubljana seems like a fun place. Christmas at such small cities must be delightful.

    1. couldn't go there but it's oon my list!