3 Handbag Picks for this Holiday

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With the holiday season knocking on our doors and our minds a bit busy with gift purchases and NYE dresses we do not think of what bag or purse we will wear to our Office Christmas Dinner, Christmas Family Dinner/Lunch and New Year's Eve until the last minute. 

Whether you are having a dinner with friends, family or colleagues, a nice handbag can surely make a statement. For those of you who prefer to wear simple and classy dresses, the bag you wear can be the star of the event and receive a lot of attention (and compliments!).

Here's the selection I made while looking at several shops. I ended up choosing (of course) Mango and Zara, since they are very affordable and easy to find in every city. 

This gorgeous Zara bag can be worn at any party and even during the day if the outfit goes with it. The mix of its materials and colours makes it different from the other complete black or silver bags. It comes with an adjustable handle and removable shoulder grip. No zips since it is only closed with the help of the ruched closure. I saw it in the shop and completely fell in love with it! 

If you are looking for a more wearable bag to use during all year and any time and ocasions, maybe you'd prefer this Mango shoulder bag in leopard print. Like Zara's bag, it doesn't come with a zip due to its special closure, but this one has an interior zipped pocket where you can keep your phone, keys etc. 

And for those of you who are feeling festive and are the spirit of Christmas there is this Green clutch by Mango which reminds me of the Christmas tree colour and combines both elegance and some boldness!  The tassel detail and the pom pom make it quite trendy since we are starting to see these details in almost every item (jewelry, handbags, shoes, even clothes). The fur makes it a 100% winter accessory but look at how great it looks combined with a total black outfit! 

What do you think about this selection? Have you made yours? Do you know which one I ended up choosing for my holiday outfits? :)


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