Packing for a Christmas Trip!

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What to pack for a winter trip around cold countries?

I have to start packing for my coming up-can't wait for it-deadly nervous&excited- trip to Poland! I don't know why I always end up choosing super cold countries to visit during the coldest months of the year but my motivation this time is the Christmas decoration and the lovely-interesting-and so different from Spain-architecture around central Europe

When I finally decided to start choosing what to wear... I saw I would need thousands of layers and other kind of outfits than the ones I tend to wear here- it's 25th December and I went out without my coat today (bless southern Europe weather). 

I started browsing some checklists from other travellers who have already experienced a lovely -deadly cold- December in Poland and neighbouring countries and here's what I found to be essential that I do not consider important in Barcelona:

  • Hat: in Barcelona I do not really wear them though I have a few at home. BUT when I lived in Ghent I sure needed one during the coldest days in order not to freeze my ears.
  • Turtleneck sweaters: Can't wear them here. I just get nervous and prefer to wear ten scarves than wearing a turtle neck shirt or sweater. But oh well...
  • Gloves: not necessary around here though I always have cold hands. This time they should be waterproof!
  • Umbrella: barely use it in my sunny Barcelona... But weather forecast is being a B* telling me it's going to be veeery useful...

Have you been to Poland? What tips can you give? 


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