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I've always spent hours looking at different outfits some celebs out there show around the city -just for some inspiration and like or dislike someone more. Rachel Bilson has been one of these people that no matter what she puts on, I think it all fits her and has a great style and sense of combination.  As I am a rather short person too, I pay special attention to her outfits not only because I usually like them but because I find interesting to see how she combines skirts or shorts with the right shoes

I had always thought dresses and skirts should go only with sandals or stilettos but thanks to some of her outstanding outfits I saw booties can really put a gorgeous outfit together. 
Black of course is the nº1 when it comes to combine any thing in your closet but I think if the outfit looks simple you can surely try and wear some bold shoes.

As for more casual and every-day clothes I also took some inspiration from her outfits when it came to jeans and boots in winter. Jeans are a life saver for everyday activities such as going to work or when you do not have much time to think about what to wear. If you go for a simple outfit you can wear some soft colours and look even a bit sporty if you like. I have these fur beige boots she wears in these photos and I must confess they can save your complete outfit if you are just wearing simple sweater and jeans. 

Where do you take inspiration from? Who are your style crushes?


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