What to Wear at the Airport

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Procastinating so as not to start packing... I started worrying about what to wear to the airport. Hot&Cold like K Perry's song... it's a nightmare when you're sweating around the airport but then freezing inside the plane, and then again feeling the heat too much to later get frozen when going out the plane and stepping on a cold country such as Poland- AT NIGHT. yay.

Plus, you have to be 100% comfy but style has to be present at all times of course. That's why I started browsing some pictures of some celebs I usually look up to when it comes to style and every-day outfits. What I saw and knew already but have not done before because I am so intelligent and such a bada*- is that you should wear flat shoes or even better-sneakers. I have always worn heels at the airport and then regretted it whenever I could find a place to seat. It's not only that heels slow you down in crowded places but bear in mind you have to carry bags and probably a heavy suitcase. 

As shown in the following pictures, you should go light on the accessories since you are going to be asked to take them off at any control- and that just is a waste of time if you like to wear a lot of it. The outfits are also simple and not very heavy, simple pair of jeans with a tshirt and cardigan or sweater. The scarf is a must since you don't know how many times the weather/heat condition will change. And the purse or bag is a must too, since you have to carry the essentials with you!

What do you usually wear at the airport? What are your essentials to carry with you on the plane?


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