My 2016 Planners

3:22:00 PM

How to start the new year right off? Planning! Are you organized or just spontaneous? I am both (impossible as it sounds) and I love planners and organizing stuff specially if it comes with decor (stickers, colours, post-its,!!).

I bought the Croatian designed planner by Zenskirokovnik  because I found it super cute and this year it had the English edition too. It came with lots of lists and special sectors to fill with important and useful information such as appointments, travel checklists, birthday dates, different registrations in websites with its different passwords and lots of interesting stuff too (and stickers!). The image on the cover is lovely and I really loved the Parisian inspired building and the lady's shoes. 

My friend Ade also got me a- Catalan brand -Finocam planner as a gift and I am sure I will use both- one to carry inside the bag and the other to keep it handy on my desk! Here's the lovely gift I already started decorating with Yankee Candle stickers from all the candles I burned this holiday :) The hard cover makes it useful to carry around since it will not be easily damaged- and it has a gummy touch. It also has three coloured (grey and blue) point belts to keep it at the right date and a pocket for useful papers too.  The design is both professional/serious and lovely at the same time! I love it. You can have a closer look at its details and purchase it here

Which one do you like best? And what about your planner?


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6 comments to blue my mind

  1. Great planners!

  2. I looooove planners! I'm overly excited about getting a new one every year. I don't know why we love them so much.

    Mika | La French Connection

  3. Wow~ Very lovely planners ^^ So, cute!!
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