Prague: where to eat?

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I made myself a new resolution which is to go back to Prague once a year and this year I have been there twice! I spent a couple of days re visiting everything I had seen in summer...only this time everything was surrounded by its lovely Christmas atmosphere :)
It should be a sin not to try new places but I was so happy with my last summer picks when it came to food that I suggested we ate in the same places I discovered. The first night we headed to a lovely bistro near our hotel, Dish Fine Burger Bistro and had a very nice meal. 
The next day we were wandering around the river and Jewish quarter and we started looking for a restaurant... and realized we were very close to Kozlovna Apropos, a Czech restaurant I had been to in summer too. The girls were OK with the menu and its prices and I told them it was really a good choice and wouldn't be disappointed! 

Dish Fine Burger Bistro

Dish offers a wide range of burgers, salads and appetizers. Desserts also look wonderful though we did not try them since we were too full :) The prices are OK and it is definetly worth it. I had the veggie burger, which had smoked mozarella, mushroom, and spinach together with a sauce which was delicious! Service is friendly and offered us the seats in front of the kitchen (since we did not book table in advance and teh restaurant was full), where we could see every detail and how they prepared everything.
You can have a look at their menu and their photographs, which are on their website.

Kozlovna Apropos

Located close to the center, Kozlovna offers a big space for groups and families to have a traditional Czech meal, among other food. The service is fast and friendly and the food is great. You have a selection of Czech food such as Goulash or meats with sauces or you can go for the other international meals or salads- which I did! I had the fried goat cheese salad with honey and it was amazing! Their desserts are also wonderful, each of us had one and could not say a single bad word about it. My friends had tiramisu and ice cream with hot berries and I went for the apple strudel :) You can have a look at their menu and specialties with its prices- and don't doubt about it if you are in Prague!

Have you been in Prague? Any suggestions? 
Have a look at my other post about my summer experience in Prague.


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  1. Iam really, really glad that Czech republic is our neighbour (: Lovely photos ♡

    Have a nice holiday xx Love from Slovakia ~
    ♡ la vie est la petite licorne ♡