Wroclaw in 2 days

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2 days to see Wroclaw is no big deal. The most important thing is who you are travelling with, and if you are up to do some walking and surviving against the cold weather (and lucky to find no rainy or windy days) you can see the essential and even do some other day-trips around. Wroclaw was my 1st stop during my Christmas Eurotrip and I surely recommend it to everyone.

What I really liked to find around the city were the little dwarfs. They just appear in any corner of any street around the city centre and look very friendly. 

Rynek is the city centre itself and perfect to take a bunch of pictures with friends. The buildings look lovely and show a true Polish architecture. 

Ratsz is in the centre and the architecture is amazing. It is definetly a MUST both day and night. 
The Opera is also nice though not mandatory to see an opera inside, probably a bit expensive.
Hansel and Gretel houses are easy and fast to see. 
St Elisabeth Church, 91meters tower- which you can visit and see the town from up the stairs.
Wroclaw University, built by 3 baroque buildings from the XVIII century.
The University Church- Church of the Blessed Name of Jesus- which is said to be the most beautiful  barqoue church in Central Europe.
Sand Island and Tumski Island- crossing the Tumski bridge, which is full of locks.

Here are some pictures I took around the city!

Have you been around Poland? Any suggestions for a future trip?


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