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Who is up for a walk around Paris? I am!
Rome? Prague? London? The list can go on and on.
There are cities I would not get tired of visiting even if it was just for one day go&come back trip. Though there are always new places to see I feel the need to repeat some cities just for the sake of it every now and then. Lately I have been thinking about a 1day trip to any of my favourite places, though time (read lack of thereof) has not helped much :/

Today I woke up with a strong urge to walk around the charming Czech streets of Prague (obsession much?) but there are days I would just take the essentials and buy a ticket to Paris or Rome just to wander a bit around their lovely and full of history corners, surrounded by their special buildings, parks, shops and their local people (esp. Italians!).
It would not be the 1st time I do this, since I have sometimes got last minute tickets to X place just to spend the day have a coffee and come back home. The first trip like these was Rome and I absolutely loved the feeling of just walking around like you do in your local town or as if it is a random trip to a city close to your house (as it could be Barcelona in my case). 

Which is (or are) your must-visit-&repeat city? Mine are definitely Prague, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and London!


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