Why don't You Love Your Brother? Are You Out of Your Mind?

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These lines by Robbie Williams (btw, happy bday Mr. Williams) have never left my mind since I heard them for the 1st time.
Some people just love their family because that's the right thing to do/say and you just have to live with them so.. there's that... I don't think I have a special link with my younger sibling just because we are family. He is the guy who has always been around and who I have a special link with, even though there were times we hated each other and couldn't spend one day without fighting- some years ago I realized no matter what happens, a brother will be there for you and love you unconditionally.

Lately this cheeky monkey I have at home has realized my head must be a jungle somehow and -as he is kinda maturing mentally (read age 21)- he has been showing some (passive agressive) worrying around me. Some details, questions, company when needed. Family! I would do anything for mine. You can have 2nd thoughts with people but never with the immediate family. A random (or not so random) can let you down or leave you just guessing for (too much) time, make you feel blue  etc. but your brother won't (and if it does, I can't imagine the pain I would be into). I am thankful I have one younger bro (so he doen't have to compete to be the fav one), who I could play with when we were kids, manipulated to do all the bad stuff around the house (always been the evil but sweet one!) and use his toys too! Apart from the childhood times spent together we do have each other now that we are grown ups and I couldn't be happier with what I've got!

Random thoughts one has when others are falling short for her -and didn't see it coming. :/


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