My wardrobe is a jungle: summer inspo

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"Today the world is a big jungle" Roberto Cavalli

Not only the colours but also the patterns of the safari world are a m a z i n g for summer (any any season if you are lau).  Wild, soft colours, light cloth, animal prints, tribal and ethnic patterns.. everything together creates a perfect mix.  African tribes inspire lots of designers and firms to create every summer collection which is always a great display on any shop window. 

Of course accessories are the key element. While you can wear a beige outfit that doesn't stand up, a great pair of shoes, bag or necklace can be the star of the #ootd. Here's a selection I fell in love in:

Victoria Beckam's affrican pattern handbag. This small bag screams summer&style itself, what would you expect from such a stylish designer? 

Of course Valentino has a spot on this post, since he proves to be THE love of my summer inspiration outfits  -mostly when it comes to shoes. These ones are outstanding, tribal patterns and laced up sandals are a must this summer but only a talented firm could make this work of art: 

And more accessible and affordable, Sfera has also launched some products inspired by summer tribal patterns:

GUESS animal print heels. These are too much lau to just upload them here. Now I gotta find them!

Spanish firm Alma en Pena gets me every time (every summer, actually). In July (idk why) I always have a ride to a city I know I can find this firm and every time I go there I am 100% determined (ehem stubborn ehem get outta my way i'm here to find ma shoes Mode) to buy a new pair of sandals by this firm. The style is quite unique and the amount of detail paid into every design is gorgeous.

And sure MANGO never lets me down when it comes to accessories. It is quita dangerous to have such affordable and equally nice products sooo near from home & work...

Which is your style inspiration for this 2016 summer? Going all navy? Safari much? Boho all the way? 


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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. I am loving these styles. I am especially capped with those sandals - I really don't have any for my holiday in September and they would be delightful! H x

    1. yes they are gorgeous and go with lots of outfits :)