Bad day at work: no worries!

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Bad day at work?

What happens when you think you are doing OK at work and then suddenly one day puf. A silly mistake gets in the middle of your day and you can't stop worrying about it...? Does it define you? Of course not. But then why do you keep thinking about it? Maybe because up to now you have always done things properly and you know what they say about 1st timers (never accepting sth is wrong when it never happened before -same goes for guys in bed hah.). Maybe you are too self-demanding and/or a friggin worrier! Instead of thinking of all the possible ways you could have not messed it up, just put on some bold lipstick and sassy attitude and say ok so what's next? 

Yes sometimes it's just that a bad day is a b*ch but we are so demanding and expect 200% from ourselves that we cannot even think about something being misdone by us. But the best way to handle these things is to ask yourself "Will this matter after a while?" No of course not (unless you work in a hospital then hell yes you take care of what you do and stay awake for every single movement) but ladies we are human and mistakes happen. I have found myself in some situations where I had to answer "I don't know, let's look it up" and felt really bad but then you know we are not supposed to be masters of the world in everything, otherwise we'd be being studied on...

Just- don't get stressed because how you react to those situations can be worse than the actual mistake. Honey just remember there have been worse things and what's even worse.. they became public. Here's a selection of them so any of you can feel better (mandatory: please get comfy with glass of wine in hand while reading this):

  1. Who doesn't know about the NASA originally taping over the moonlanding? So much effort into going to space and then not a single camera was sent... Bravo.
  2. Despite my love for Italy, bear in mind the Pisa tower took 177 years of work only to start leaning after 10...
  3. No comments on the unsinkable Titanic.
  4. 12 Publishing houses rejecting Harry Potter books (no success seen anywhere..nah)
So you see. No matter your mistake at work, be it forgetting a call, typo mistake in a report, whateveeerrr...remember historical mistakes that were enough embarrassing to get a movie inspired (Jaack!). Honey please!

What do you do when having a bad day at work? Do you just forget about it and get going or are you a worrier and overthinker?

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2 comments to blue my mind

  1. Thanks hon <3 let's learn from it so it won't happen again :))

  2. When I'm having a bad day I try to remember that a bad day, or a bad moment, doesn't equal a bad life and that things WILL get better.