Girls night dinner!

4:46:00 PM

Day: crazy hot in Barcelona
State: lazying around between sofa bed and terrace
Listening to: Alicia Keys' piano track (As I am). No lyrics needed. The mixing of sounds in this track is lovely.

So much needed.. a night out with friends (and wine, a lot of it), chit chat, laughs, great food in a terrace, crazy car talking and mistaking routes, planning holiday trips together, cocktails...
Spending hours at the office every day and spending the rest in bed or just laying around is not the way to go. And lately I've been living between office-hospital-home. Going a bit mental already, but a dinner with friends was super necessary to keep my mind distracted and we actually had a lot of fun! So there you go the recipe for a good dinner with friends date:
crazy car talking and mistaking routes
planning holidays together

Car adventure n1: collecting all people + getting to the restaurant
N picked me up and we went to meet A in her town, waited for J to come over and headed to the restaurant kinda 20-30 min late but you know what they say about being fashionably late :) Once in the right city, the trouble was to find the place we had made the reservation in, but considering our skills to mess things up, we managed it all quite well.
Goffiks is a very nice place in a quiet area of a neighbouring city, the style of the restaurant is great and seats are comfortable, we discovered they have a terrace so there was no wonder we were eating outside.

The restaurant was all about crepes, they serve great dishes wrapped in crepes and with just one you are completely full! We also shared dessert and went for ice-cream, which was incredible. The wine was also a discovery and made us go for a second round...

After dinner
A had come from Malta for a few days just to spend time with family & friends so it was clear she was the boss of the night. Whatever you say we do/go to. So we went to another city where we used to spend our weekend nights over these last years (we have kinda slowed down that rythm) but just went for a drink and enjoy chatting in a terrace with music. But old habits die hard so yes the selfie and mirror shot were mandatory. Thanks to the alcohol we had previously drank it was not embarrassing to strike a pose in front of two mirrors trying to fit in the same picture and looking all good in the same...but yes funny at least (You can't ignore A's comments).
Strawberry mojitos after that and thousands of pictures taken, the atmosphere was quite relaxing and decided to go home -since we had one of us in between exams, another knee-injured, one who had landed in Barcelona less than 24h before, and me myself and I who had slept around 3-4h the night before..for several days (why did we even think of going out?!)

Result of the night was "yes tomorrow more and better!" but today realized "i'm unable to walk/i'm studying/i'm dead tired" so... let's hope for the best if we go out of the house. But yes high expectations for this summer since we are invited and threatened of death if we do not go -to Malta! Who doesn't like the idea of driving around the island visiting lovely beaches and sipping wine at lovely terraces in the evening??

Now hoping to start holidays at work and visit my love of life Czech Republic, work for a few more days and then go south to visit the Maltese islands! :)


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3 comments to blue my mind

  1. The food looks so amazing, I love crepes and to go somewhere that serves them like that would just be heaven! x

  2. What a lovely time you had! Love all your pictures and yummy foods!

    xoxo, Candice

  3. The food looks yummy. Looks like you had a great time.