Letters to Milena by Franz Kafka

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I recently read Letters to Milena. Franz Kafka goes deeply personal in his letters to his beloved translator from the Czech Republic -who lived in Vienna at that time. This is no narration of stories, this is his love (heartbroken) story and most inner thoughts.
The letters begin as a formal correspondence which is all about "business", translation of the author's work. We cannot read what Milena writes to Kafka but we get a lot of it by what Franz says.
The letters develop into love and passion and willingness to meet,  but it all eventually fades, leaving Franz Kafka desolate and broken.

I did select a lot of things I liked, I gotta say I like Kafka's works and was deeply interested in his inner thoughts whenever he was not writing stories. Dare say he is a true "feeler" though there were times I saw him go too overdramatic (but I'm cold as ice when it comes to lovey dovey stuff).

"After an almost sleepless night; how could I have slept, since I, too light for sleep circled around you continuously"
"there rings a little in my ear: 'She is no longer with you'. Although there's another powerful bell somewhere in the sky and it rings: 'She won't leave you'"
"...but try and explain that to the heart"
'nechat človeka čekat' -to keep a person waiting"
"I won't come to you. It would be beyond my spiritual strength"

Reading his letters you get the feeling you are there with him and can even understand what he is going through. You would want to tell him honey this looks so hard to achieve, it's an impossible love! But then you get involved with his heartfelt letters and you want to keep reading more to know whether Milena came to him or not...

Have you ever read letters by a great artist?


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