Surprisingly happy: big gesture from others with no interest

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Asking a favour to someone I didn't fully know
There are still people willing to help others without asking anything in exchange. Favours between friends aren't (read: shouldn't be) something you have to give a lot of thought. You just help your friends when they need it. But acquaintances/even strangers... that's a different thing. How many of you would give a hand to a "just" acquaintance? I recently asked for a favour to a person I barely know, felt a bit (a lot) embarrassed because it could look like I was just talking to her for her contacts in the sports world, but truth is I had already done everything I could to get something I wanted. 
Situation: younger brother run over by a car and spending lots of time in hospital, feeling his b-day is approaching and he will have to blow the candles in such a cold atmosphere. Older sister trying to come up with a nice gift to cheer him up. Hah! the kid has always been a fan of basketball and specially our city players.  
So my idea was to get a jersey signed by the captain of the team. So far so good. But of course lau couldn't get anything easy. No jerseys for me. Working weekends for a sports radio (specifically this team's column) I thought I could have access to getting a regular jersey I bought -signed by all players, but nooo come on lau. Hopeless and desperate I ended up asking LaKat and to my surprise, she responded without any kind of problem. I was (eternally thankful) very shocked/surprised to see she helped me (remember just talked to each other through blog/mail/fb) without no issues and so fast!

Of course I felt obligated to thank her in some way and all I could come up with was a little gift from Rituals and typical almond-chocolates from my hometown..but that favour was worth much more!
That made me think this barely happens, and I think people should be more like this instead of pretending to be so busy not to find a moment to help/respond someone (trusty enough ...creeps off).

The boy gets an amazing gift
Tired and bored at the same time, the youngest of the house was not in the mood for talking when I got to the hosp. Then I handed him a bag and he saw a blue and red jersey.. as he was getting it out of the bag he started to notice one-two signatures and said "you got it signed by the point guard? nice!" But then saw it was full of signatures and his face lightened even more. Ooh yes one more detail. Huuuuge jersey... it could serve as a dress. When I told him the story ...never had I ever seen my little brother that happy and surprised! He never thought I could get this gift and in such a way, I still can't believe there are people willing to help others without any interest.
Sure I have helped strangers who got lost around the city, or acquaintances when they needed specific information, but I don't recall doing such a favour... and I think we should learn a bit from this and start being more generous if we can, who knows, maybe one day you have to ask for something/return the favour!


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