breakup rules?

7:35:00 PM

Breakup rules? Are we supposed to go through the painful stages or should we move on instantly?

Do we need closure when we are disappointed in someone? We so need it or at least feel so. But it's like "do I need these shoes?" yes yes we think we do. But after a couple of months or next fashion season we already forgot about them. Looks easy but I myself find it hard to do (depending on the level of disappointment or attachment I had of course).

Still coping with it but thinking about it less and less... I think it all is gradual but there comes a time when you are already over it and mostly you think bah f* off. But yes painful stages seem to be in everyone's head, some of us take a long time to pass all stages while others find it easier by moving on quite quickly. They say it's the fastest way to get over it but personally I see that more as a rebound entertainment. 

The idea of closure is a vicious cycle some say. You can get it and then still feel the same and look for more answers. So where does it end? The overthinking. It requires time and mental strength. I've been there and fooled myself saying "nah im fine even better than that." But then try to explain that to your 2AM sleepless brain.  You still need more information, even lies, only to find yourself OK with it all. 

Time plays a role too. And strength. The strongest people out there have to go through the overthinking and sleepless nights too. Once you've done all your mental work you can continue with your live in a IMA DIVA style.


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