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No wonder Paris is always a good idea. Few people dislike the Charming city per excellence and it is clear why we all fall in love with the French capital. There's always something that takes your attention away while wandering around the city or even with pictures...
Eiffel didn't get me attached to le love city but instead the city itself did. Yes the Parisian rooftops blew my mind since I was a child -watching the Aristocats.

Thanks to Disney movies I got a glimpse of how the city is and then I first visited it when I was 17 (school trip) and could get inside lots of corners of the city, museums, monuments, parks, cemeteries... I liked it but I had a rough time fighting the cold weather in January & February (and not properly dressed because my fab jacket was not warm enough...but still I had to wear it).

Lesson learned but I decided once was enough to see Paris. Ouu boy I was wrong. Years after that I planned a BDAY trip to Scotland- which turned out to be a failure. I had to askfor my money back to the airline company but instead I asked for another destination..? Whatevs I know I ended up going to Paris for my bday and I had a blast! 

Me and my friend had a crazy weekend walking around cobbled streets, unlimited stairs and metro stations. We went up the Arch de Triomphe, Eiffel twice, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur... I can't remember other things but sure we did a lot of exercise. 

The fashion atmosphere is everywhere. I loved walking around the Champs Elisees and seeing girls with fur coats, big hats and high heels walking like they were flip flops. The city shined with elegance and the cold didn't bother me because I was having a great time enjoying the busy street cosmopolitan life. 

I love to watch a busy city with street lights from cars, traffic lights, windows from houses, fairs... But then I also loved quieter places like the bohemian neighbourhood with the square of artists up in Montmatre, and of course my loved Notre Dame.. there is not a church I like more! Believe me this city on winter nights is completely charming. Better if you have a view from a warm apartment and nice window but walking around the streets is also wonderful if you ignore the cold...

What's your favourite place in Paris? I couldn't decide and I am in between lots of spots the city offers... On the one hand there is the busy and stylish Champs Elisees... but then you have the romantic Montmatre & Sacré Coeur and then again Notre Dame.. Can't really decide!


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  1. I am another Paris lover and at the moment my favourite place is Notre Dame, the area around it