Solo Travel Thoughts: Me Myself & Prague

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Writing this from the plane and still an hour left to land in my always lovely Barcelona I really got that feeling today when you don't quite want to come back home. I am super sure I prefer to travel with my friends though this has been a great thing to do for my extremely stressed mind. These days have had ups and downs since I really enjoyed being in Prague and felt great to be there again wandering around the streets of the lovely neighbourhood of Vinohrady. But another great feeling is getting to an airport knowing someone (there or just in the city/home) is waiting for you. 

Despite being very independent and enjoying time alone the first minutes in the Czech country were a bit weird: i immediately started thinking about my friends and family. Not in a missing way but rather in a "we really should come here together again". My journey by taxi looking at the streets was mostly about thinking "I could really live here and they should come visit a lot". This has been on my mind for some time though now I really appreciate my job and city too much (ouu southern weather and food you're one big reason I keep coming back home -other than the main one friends&family). But yes I can figure myself on a Vinohrady apartment again writing and working like this next to a window with great buildings nearby (Carrie much?)

Vinohrady apartment :)

So now the city of Prague is standing in a place I can't quite explain. Rome has always been my nº1 in terms of favourite destination (and there's no way i'm changing that) but Prague has something I feel very cling to. The thing is, I'd like to go back there and stay for a long time I guess but deep inside I know I would always need to go back to Barcelona... I wish flights to Czech Rep. were cheaper and the journey took less time... it would be so much easier for me to go back and forth. 


Nevertheless these days have been just great and I wouldn't change a thing (expect for the weather during the last two days, this rain is a b*tch!). I got to do almost everything I wanted and felt great to be there... now I can tick off lots of things from my 2016 list :) I met super interesting people from around the world who were just travelling around Europe and I loved meeting locals and discovering great places thanks to them :)

“Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.”

Summing it all up, lots of times i felt like a local and I really loved that. The first day I just headed home and spend the night talking to my friends, on Monday i met a Czech friend Lukas and went north to Terezín and visited the memorial and concentration camp. After that and super tired i went back home and had some drinks with Michal in a very nice park where you could see the center of Prague lightened under your feet

Riegrovy Sady
Tuesday was left to visit all the Jewish synagogues, cemetery and the Klementinum building and also do some shopping (pandora bracelet tradition lolz). I skipped dinner thanks to my not-thinking of the Czech shop schedules and my southern dinner schedule (when i felt hungry around 21-22 i remembered i should have bought sth to eat before 20). The night was fun also and next morning I headed for UNESCO Heritage Site Cesky Krumlov which was interesting but come on Prague is infinite times better. 

Klementinum library

Český Krumlov
From Wednesday on the weather took a turn and everything went a bit wrong for me since I was not wearing any umbrella and only had sandals, so i arrived soaked and very late.. spend the night talking to a friend and Thursday was more of the same. Half the day I spent it in a shopping mall due to the cold windy and rainy weather...then went to Kafka Museum but had to eventually go back to the mall because the rain came back stronger...& ended up doing a lot of shopping. Uhmm.. my bestie said that was just Karma coming on wheels for things I said/did before (lesson learned but please why there?).

when weather is not helpful lau does some shopping :)

And finally ending the post from home (read post Prague depression) I still have to unpack and see my friends & tell my family all about the trip (which promises to be short answers) but apart from the Pandora charms I collect from each trip I also got something that reminds me of Prague at nights and already worn it this night to sleep on it :) Although it could be a dress (gotta love a man's shirt for summer nights used as PJ!) I guess I will wear this around the house but always with a smile:)

Soo enough of procrastination and let's get finished with this super random post and start getting stuff done with some music on 


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  1. I love to travel solo. Most of my friends and family would never go to the places I've been. Your pictures are amazing I'm sorry you got rained out for a few days.

  2. Maybe you will come to Romania, my country.
    We have beautiful landscapes and monuments, from mountains till seaside ;)

  3. Interesting read..That library is super cool....lovely

  4. Nice pics and post! I love the comment about being a traveler and not a tourist!

  5. It sounds good..traveller should try this once in their life time...nice shoot.