SSATC: Summer Style And the City

10:43:00 PM

Oh the awaited warm days (read bloody heat in Barcelona) are definitely here and with them of course are all our summer clothes we could not wait to wear (except if we didn't yet get a fab tan -getting there!).
Maintaining style in summer is no joke. While you want to be comfy and know  you have to still go to work, do groceries, meet for a coffee etc etc. (so you don't really have time to go home and change outfits) all you want to do is look decent and stylish under a lot of degrees

No matter if you walk around the city, use public transport, taxi or drive yourself, there's always that little fear of some makeup running out and clothes being too much but needed when you go indoors and there ir cold air...

My number one is to go for the midi dress (or just over the knees if you don't have to sit a lot and move around) and then you can just add some items (foulard, cardigan...) in case you are cold. However sure you can go for the maxi ones, they are great and always a good choice for summer days. Easy combo with sandals and fabulous sunglasses, I'd probably opt for a simple dress and then make the statement either with the shoes, lipstick or earrings.

What outfits are you going for this summer? So far I've worn out a lot a navy blue dress and it's time I replace it! :)

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