I received the Versatile Blogger Award!

9:12:00 PM

First of all thanks to Ashleigh for the nomination & award to fully recognize the content and effort behind this blog :) Natural Girl, Unnatural World is a blog about traveling, life itself, the blogger behind this website is living abroad and shares all kinds of experiences and thoughts,

To go on with the award I have to share 7 things about myself and nominate other bloggers I do follow/like.

1. I am a language freak. I enjoy learning new languages and am kinda fascinated when comparing and understanding how different grammar/linguistics work. (I actually studied tons of them, which doesn't mean I am able to speak all of them now: Latin, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech, English).

2. I love to travel and one tradition I follow since I turned 19 is to spend my birthday abroad.

3. I have always liked politics and history, though I am pretty disappointed in our politicians and don't really like/trust them.

4. Though having listened rock for quite a big part of my life, the exception has always been Mr. Robbie Williams, I know all his lyrics by heart and have been listening to him since I was a kid.

5. Of course there is a lau passion for fashion

6. As a kid I liked to write (be it short stories, journal etc.) and I carried that with me, I ended up collaborating with local magazines and now I write the sports column for Barça basketball games for a sports radio

7. I enjoy watching basketball (FC Barcelona) and never miss a game, I guess being surrounded by bball players and guy friends since i was a kid had some effect on me :')


Again thanks for the award and I hope my nominees get to post the Versatile Award post as well!:)


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  1. Super sweet, thank you for the award hun! :) xx