ZARA Flats You Will Wear This Fall

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Fall is around the corner and we can no longer wait for it to arrive. My friends and I are already thinking of fall outfits and colors to combine in our daily routines which are about to start. Even though it all goes down to home-work-home when the days get shorter and colder, we really like to dress accordingly combining all fabrics and colours, and of course the shoes. Now spring and fall are always tricky seasons since there are times of the day when you are hot but later rather cold, and feet are the first ones to notice it.

What do you wear when you see a grey day but know it will eventually be a sunny and warm one? Risking your feet to get cold in the morning or taking the risk to have heel on your heels? Whether if it's fall or spring, lots of people agree that ballerinas are the key. They cover enough so you don't get cold but leave some air to fresh your feet up. Rain is another problem, though...

This selection of ballerinas is quite what we will be seeing around the streets. They look comfortable and their colors are fall-like enough to combine them with almost anything. From stylish black outfits to casual jeans and sweater. Plus they are affordable since you can find all of these in ZARA.

Lace up leather ballerina flats

These pink-nude flats look very comfortable and have this tiny ankle bow fastening detail that reminds us of ballet dancers shoes. The color can be combined with any shade of beige, brown, black or white. But if you want something different and not that simple you have the same option in silver.

Frill detail ballerinas

These seem rather classic in that they are black flat shoes, but the frill detail with crossover elastic over the instep makes them different and special. And the toe finish is neither round not pointy so it also gives it a particular look.

Lace-up ballet flats

These flat black shoes might seem the simpler ones but they have some contrasting finishes on the heel for example and a pointy toe finish, together with thin laces.

Embossed lace-up ballet flats

The red shoes with the animal print effect together with the pointy toe finish and a bow closure create a gorgeous item that you will wear all Fall around.

Do you think flat ballerinas are the outfit-saving option during fall season? What will you be wearing? Which ones do you think I'll end up buying?


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