Are metallics the new blacks?

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With the arrival of Fall colours so do golds, silvers and bronze. The days are getting shorter and when darkness surrounds the streets we go bold. Spring had already brought some metallic trend but now we try to combine these colours with the fabulous yellows, burgundy and browns.

After this summer when we got a glimpse of metal fashion with Prada, Loewe, Isabel Marant or Chanel, gold and silver are making a comeback in full outfits, accessories and shoes. Valentino, Balenciaga or Dolce&Gabbana are some of the designers who went for day and night outfits, always -among other designers- showing the most fabulous creations on the runway.

DOLCE&GABBANA || source:

VALENTINO || source: pinterest

I am a lover for dresses and these are going to be main characters in Fall story. Now, fall is bringing full coats, bags and shoes as metallic trends (which can be already purchased in several shops such as ASOS, Zara or Mango)




What do you think of this trend? I think I'm in with the golden ones!:)

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