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Fall is the perfect time to get on a plane and go to lots of cities just to wander around without the summer-tourist crowds and feel a better weather than sweating August days. Here are a few mind-blueing options to visit this September-Oct-November :)

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Many TV shows have shown the beauties of autumnal New York (think SATC or GG), where we all have dreamed to be right there with those actors around Central Park under the red-yellow-brown trees and lovely outfits. Certainly Central Park is a must-do only to witness the magic of the foliage out there, whether sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte or just heading to the nearest Starbucks to order one and drink it there with their cozy feeling music list. Remember fall season has a great event and that’s New York Fashion Week! For those who are more interested in television you can enjoy New York Film Festival or if that’s not your cup of tea, try the New York Wine and Food Festival.  Depending on the month you visit the city you can actually be part of great events such as the Village Halloween parade or Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. And for sport-show freaks like me, you have to go and witness any sport event (baseball or basketball)- they are out of this world!

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 The city of romance itself offers an even more romantic landscape anywhere if you go during the fall. Red leaves turning burgundy can even look pink, to make it lovelier. The weather starts to get chilly and that is perfect to still visit some gardens (less crowded than in summer) and head for a hot chocolate. If you are a wine lover remember there is the annual Montmartre wine harvest festival, and if you seek some night magic entertainment go for the all night arts festival. All city monuments and neighbourhoods look charming in this time of the year -even rainy days are lovely! 


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For those who don’t like big cities and prefer cozy fairytale towns, Bruges isthe place to go. The autumnal feeling is everywhere: weather, landscape, colors, scents. You can bike around the city and enjoy the sights from the windmills- and then go for a waffle, they are the Belgian pride apart from beer and chocolate. Speaking of, don’t think twice and visit the museum of chocolate, if you wander around you will smell it from the street. If instead of chocolate you prefer beer here you have the chance to visit the breweries and lots of choices to try a new one. Also, it can look like a smaller version of Amsterdam, with its buildings and canals, so you can book a boat tour around them.


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 This city is lovely anytime you want to visit it. In autumn –depending if it’s the beginning or not- you can still enjoy some warm weather so you can go to lots of hotel terraces for panoramic views. There are many food truck festivals and vintage markets outdoors too if you don’t feel like drinking coffee/cocktail/whatevs in a hotel terrace. For the sporty ones you should join one of the many autumn races around the city. And if you go in late-October you can witness the Catalan celebration of Castanyada (instead of Halloween parades), the smell of roasted chestnuts on the streets is super cozy!  

I have seen all these cities in autumn except for NY but I'm sure I would love it too. What's your fav one?

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