How to style leopard print.

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Leopard prints are here again -it seems they never went away but when fall is coming they make a greater presence. This is quite a print: some people find difficult to style when getting ready, but there are many options, just don't wear 2 leopard print pieces on the same outfit. 
Some people like to mix animal print with bright and bold colours but I personally like to go easy on the other items if something has leopard on it. I have almost an item of every category in leopard print and I find myself wearing them with soft or dark colors. 
These are my picks when it comes to each item I have in leopard:

Leopard shoes

Easy to combine since the statement is already on your feet, you need something simple or else you will look too much of a jungle. I have a pair of them and I always choose black or jeans to wear with the print booties or flats. A 100% black outfit with leopard print shoes is super classy and elegant, but if you look for something a bit more casual just go and try with jeans and white shirt. A blazer makes everything look elegant. 

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Leopard pants

Ok so this are attention-seeking, wear them with soft colours and simple shoes. I purchased a pair today and have already imagined some outfits. I would try with beige and soft browns but very basic clothes such as shirt and cardigan, then you can always put some fun on it with the accessories. Burgundy is really nice and now that fall is arriving it is a great option but I would leave it for the bag or hat.

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Leopard blouse

I only have one of those and I always wear it with black or blue jeans, depending on the event I am going to. Also, it is a great office look if you pair it with blacks. I would pair it with a biker jacket or a black blazer.But there are many people who like to style it with bright colors such as coral or greens -blazers mostly.

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Leopard bag

Bags are easier to combine since you can really choose an outfit and then see if it looks OK or not. Also, depending on the size of your bag you might want to go simple or with a more detailed outfit. Really, you can wear soft pinks all lady like and then hit it with a leopard clutch.

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As for the jacket to wear with any of these items, and if you don't want to go all black, I'd suggest a khaki trench, which combines perfectly and makes it more autumn-like.

What are your picks when it comes to leopard?


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