I'm selling my wardrobe!

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Pretty much that. Lots of us have a lot of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that no longer use or have never worn and keep inside the wardrobe. One day while browsing for something to wear to a meeting I realized I have tons of stuff that I will never wear anymore and are kept like new things. It is such a pity to throw them. At first I used to give it to my younger cousins and/or donate them, but I found out a website for these kind of things, where you can sell your stuff. 

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I gave it a try and so far have sold 4 items, but I have uploaded many many things on the website. I used wallapop for some time but ended up deleting it from the phone since it was a bit hard to find out a time and place to meet the "buyer". With Chicfy it is different and more comfortable, though they get some commission so you don't get the full price that you set. But I have seen it works really well and FAST! I have bought some things there too.

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You can tag the brand of the product, make a description and they ask you to clarify if it looks/is used, new with tag, new without tag... People comment on the items and can "like" them too so you can see if they are interested in your products. 

I invite you to take a look at my virtual closet and tell me any thoughts on it!

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There are just a few things out of the 129 items I have on sale online. How many of you are using Chicfy or related sites? 

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