Ballet for those who don't fall

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Ballet dancers have been a major inspiration for designers this season, pretty clear just by looking at some shoes and accessories -but also skirts and the selection of soft pale colours in top items such as tops, sweaters and coats. 

Giving us the essential glimpse of beauty, ballet is all around our fashion atmospheres. Valentino used it to get inspiration and gave a great applauded runway -as always. Not only Valentino is bringing the ballerina thing around but also Zara -of course- offers a range of products inspired in ballet (or inspired in Valentino?). 

Miu Miu

Classy, ladylike, at the same time that it brings strength and perseverance. Not only shoes and skirts that remind us of our Carrie, but also full dresses and jumpers for the coming winter -which it seems that will be full of soft blues whites and pinks!


Prada was one of the first to release ballerinas and same goes for the spring collection Miu Miu -bringing nude, red and silver flats with leather straps and ties that mix ladylike delicacy with some rocker punk style. Now that fall days are clearly here so do shop windows, and we can see tulle and transparencies in lots of mannequins. Lovely Valentino might be the focus of this trend. Valentino's collection can remind a bit of 2011 Chloé ballerinas, with a mix of nudes and blacks and tutus. Bodies and jumpers together with dresses with the striking details of tacks all around...


Of course most of us cannot afford buying Valentino and Prada here and there so we opt for the Zara ones. Zara got a ballet collection that is clearly inspired in the big ones mentioned here. There are many versions of Miu Miu flats and a wide range of clothing items inspired in ballet too. 



Have you fallen into this fall trend? I did...

I bought them in Zara out of a super necessity... Went out on a rainy day with sandals on (super clever) which got messy and broke, so entered into the first Zara I saw and when I tried these on there was no coming back, they are super suuper comfy! And you can combine them with so many outfits :)


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