Book review: Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell

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Lipstick Jungle seems to continue the stories of the characters from SATC, but this time with older and more powerful women. The group of 3 Candace introduces us, is a group of successful New York women who are leaders in their businesses and will do anything to stay on top or upgrade: a fashion designer, a director of a movie company, and the editor of a magazine.

But business is tough anywhere and even though they are already successful they have to fight to stay on top and not go down. This means they will end up jeopardizing their relationships, at home and at work. Nico for example, will betray her boss to get to the top level of the magazine. Wendy, with a disastrous situation at home, uses work as an escape way. And Victory the fashion designer who is 43 and single –and still seen as “oh poor girl” despite being super successful and happy with her life- finds more trouble and spends more time worrying about her business than a relationship she puts on second page because she is convinced it is needless.

source Goodreads

These women are charting new lives for themselves, wondering about what we all wonder and talk about when we get together with our girl friends, but in their case it comes to decisions between power (work) or love (relationships), and they put work first!

Lots of people criticized this book and claimed these women are not real since they should show more feelings and be more human. OK, I can’t agree with that.. I liked the way they are portrayed since for once they do take the powerful role and don’t have any man ruling over them, neither at home nor at work. I especially liked Victory, who is happy with her single and successful life: great apartment, owner of a business, large career in which she has worked a lot and nothing came in for free, and then she has some relationship but has very clear that she comes first. 



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