Christian Louboutin: The Golden Age Collection

5:57:00 PM

A collection inspired on the Tudor dynasty, with all its greatness and ornamental beauty taking us back to the times of the 16th Century English royalty. 

The main focus is on the baroque and bold pieces with ornamental details from the time. Embroidery, strass, bejewelled, pearls, velvet... all together!
Louboutin wants to modernise a bit the Tudor dynasty by adding some color block, transparencies, lace and curvy heels. 

Bringing the English royalty back with some modern twist, the work by Louboutin evokes the courtly colors with rich crimsons, greens, and purples, perfect for the coming season. The gemstones, studs, diamon shapes and pearls bring a shocking but still imperial and elegant look. Traditional Tudor motifs, details in lace and rich textiles and colors, these shoes dazzle any outfit you might wear... :)

What do you think of this homage to the grand family that ruled Britain for so many years?
I definitely (of course) fell in love with the sandals :)

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