European northern countries: now on my bucket list

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I have always been a lover of Europe and promised myself to visit all countries in Europe that intrigue me, which is -most of the continent. So far I have visited 15 of them.. some of them for countless repeated times (what to do when you're a language&travel freak?). I have a list with the countries I really want to visit and I still have lots of places to tick off -Greece, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia.. those have been on my "next year resolution" and there is a blank space next to them to tick off yet... But never had the intrigue to go north. Not until now that my brother went to Norway and came back super happy about it. Maybe I'm not feeling Norway the same way but...what about Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? I mean holly bjolly look at those places.

Feeling kinda fat I finished my 1-hour (read: 30min -ish) work out and ate a doughnut only to feel a bit fatter. I really enjoy the work I do at the office but I must confess I sometimes find myself mentally planning what to do when I get home which is basically read a book (currently reading the Dating Detox -I can't stop laughing while reading it), chill with some jazz music and tea, etc. I was very happy to see my brother got to visit Norway and felt 10%jealous 90%glad that he did, and honestly I was amazed when looking at the pictures. What I thought to be a cold white and meh. country turned out to be super green in pictures and by the look on his face when talking about the experience, it must be breathtaking to be walking around the Fiords.

Sooo I know I promised him a trip to (initially Prague but changes come and go) Athens and/or Dubrovnik, but I just decided to wherever I feel like at the moment of booking the tickets, and that includes the Baltic countries too, sorry bro.



Should I visit them all on the same trip? If not, which one should be my priority?

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  1. I don't know about this three, but I definitely want to visit Denmark, Sweden, Norway and lately Finland is coming to my mind. :D