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Macedonian girl living in Malta and soon to establish herself in the lovely Prague (I am super jealous!), Slagjana is the blogger behind The Bohemian Style. Her life in Malta has been all about discovering the island while working as a full time receptionist. This year she gets to move to the Czech Republic (of course Bohemian Style blogger would end up in Bohemia!) with her boyfriend. Curious and ambitious, she started her blog to express herself, write stories and motivate people. Her passions are blogging, photography, social networks and traveling. When she realized she loved all things bohemian, she decided to have her blog as something to turn into the best place where people can find all information about the boho lifestyle, so she can inspire others and become a Boho Queen. 

I had the chance to interview her about fashion and traveling altogether, and she was super nice and friendly -and answered with lots of details, which I loved! I found her answers really thoughtful and interesting and she seems very determined to make the best out of her blog without ever losing the boho style.

What pieces do you invest in and why?

As much as I can I invest in all the things that make me happy. The best investment I am doing is educating myself. I am at that period of my life when I am finally realising what I really want. I always knew that the life on this planet has a lot to offer, and I have to go out discover and explore as much as I can. So, on the way I found out about the beauty of the world of Blogging and all the Social Network possibilities. Such a dream job, such a creative, inspiring and motivating thing. At the moment I am investing my time and I am using all my knowledge to really create something useful for me and other people. I really hope The Bohemian Style will become my business and my full time job, not only my hobby and biggest passion

Who was your first style icon?

I’ve always respected people who have their own style and a courage to be different. I can say that there are many people that inspired me, but I needed time to found out that the style I am in love with has a name, and it’s called bohemian or boho style. But yet there are many style icons that I really admire and they are my biggest motivation. Like Marzia Bisognin (Cutie Pie Marzia), Rachel Jones (Hippie in Heels), Carly Bybel, Sarah Loven, Brooke Saward (World of Wanderlust) and Liz (Young Adventures), a well-known travel, fashion and lifestyle YouTubers, Bloggers and Instagramers.

What moved you to start traveling?

I’ve always wanted to travel and to see the beauties of this world. Since I started taking care of myself, I started going away from home for a seasonal work in Ohrid, a touristic place in Macedonia, and in Greece. I also ended up in Qatar, where I stayed for three months. Over there I realised that I definitely want to go abroad, live in a different place than Macedonia, and travel as much as I can. The wish for better life moved me the most! Since I come from a “Third World Country” you can probably imagine that traveling and visiting other countries is much difficult, especially if you are starting your own life from almost zero. Now I’ve being living in Malta for more than a year and a half, and I am soon moving to Prague, and I only know that there are many trips yet to come. 

Are fashion & travelling a must-combination for you?

Traveling is something that brings us the most valuable experiences and moments in our lives. The fashion is a temporary thing, but the style stays forever. I think that the bohemian style and traveling are becoming my must-combination. This style is much more than just fashion, it is a way of living, in which the traveling, of course, is not excluded.

What did you learn from travelling/living abroad? 

I’ve learned that home is where you make it and that every place has its own energy. There is so much to see and do, and it’s pity to spend your life on one place. Traveling opens many doors, and it gives you the opportunity to be who you really are. There are no boundaries, and it helps me realise that everything is possible.

Still thinking "I'm so jealous she is going to live in Prague" and amazed by the experiences she must have lived in those different countries, Slagjana proves to be a very interesting person with lots of interesting stories and tales to tell on her blog :) I hope we don't lose touch and keep sharing experiences on the blogosphere! ;)


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