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Fashion blogger Michelle behind the blog Pure Freckles not only blogs about fashion but her inner thoughts as well. She creates a fusion between an outfit and lots of feelings and emotions that can go with it. Not following what I say?  Try putting your thoughts and opinions down together with a picture of an outfit that expresses what revolves around your mind. Lazy day? comfy clothes. Messy one? Pattern mix. and so on...  I interviewed Michelle so she could explain a bit more about what her blog and passion is about:

Being a blogger who combines her inner thoughts with fashion, how do you create your posts mixing both? How do you find or create those connections?
I think that depends on how I feel, it affects the way you dress, and that is exactly what I try to show. Every situation of your life can be expressed by an outfit, sometimes you can imagine someone’s way of thinking by the way she or he dresses.

What is your style tip?
Wear anything you like, no matter what others are going to think, if you are comfortable with it you will look awesome.

What pieces do you invest in and why?
Shoesss of course! I love boots and sneakers those are the one that carry your steps.

Is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?
Alexa Chung is an inspiration for me, she is strong, creative, original and an innovative woman.

How does traveling inspire you? Are there new places that gave you bad feelings and the other way round?
Places are my favourite source of inspiration, starting at the stars, oceans, new people, languages and cultures, you learn a lot from it. Yes there are places that gave me bad feelings, though it is good to have those feelings, it reminds me I am a human and alive.

For Michelle fashion is an amazing way of expression, with what you can say lots of things without talking, only by choosing your outfit. Her blog won't disappoint you!


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