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Núria has always been a traveller, fashion & photography addict. Living in Spain and then UK, she decided to travel the world whenever she got the holidays or just some days off. Having a look at the gorgeous pictures she uploads, feeling some jealousy when being at home and reading her travel posts, and also analysing her outfits -I decided to include her &her blog on the interview section, since I found a lot of things in common. Her blog travelera is full of posts on the cities she visits and tips and suggestions everyone can enjoy doing around those fabulous places.

When did you start travelling and what made you go on?

When I was a kid my parents would take me to different cities around Spain and since they were photographers they took lots of pictures and had them on the same day, that's how I started taking a lot of pictures. We never went abroad though. My first trips abroad were with my classroom and by bus! I was waiting for those trips during all year, on my last years in high school I visited France, Belgium and the Nederlands. That's when I decided I would study tourism but then changed my mind because I wasn't good at languages although I loved to travel. 

When I finished studying Pharmacy I went to England for a year to discover a new country and improve my English. I was very lucky to find a job in a great English company and since I had my own salary I could travel around seeking some sun whenever I had days off. I don't think I would survive to the English weather without travelling to warm places.

You combine fashion and travelling in your blog. Do you carefully choose your outfits (that will appear on your posts)?

I have collaborations with some stores, so I choose my outfits depending on where I am going. I make an outfit list before packing -sometimes it is very hard because those stores want my posts on the following week afer I receive the product and I usually take more time because I don't take the pictures until I'm out, so if I ask for the product some days before my trip it can be a bit risky (the item may arrive later) so that's why I usually order my items with time and can organize my posts... But even though sometimes my posts are not "on time" the most important is the result: a good post.

Why did you launch your blog?

I used to follow some fashion blogs, and liked to share my pictures from my trips on social media. My sister has a photography blog and we like to take pictures, so last year I decided to have my own blog, which is like my travel journal


What posts receive more visits? What do your followers want?

The posts with more visits are the ones about touristic cities, which most of the people have already visited -Barcelona, Paris, Prague. Most of the visits are through Facebook. People like to see things about other countries and with my blog I try to share that and take my readers to the places I have been to.

Do you get inspiration from other bloggers? Is there any that you have been following for long?

One of the first blogs I discovered and have been following since is Tuulavintage, which has great pictures and travel posts, every time there is a new trip on the blog I instantly think "I want to go there" by looking at the pictures.


Her blog won't disappoint you and you will find a lot of information on different cities! :)

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