PRADA 2016/17 Pionnière & Cahiere bag collection

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These fabulous little bags were presented at the Prada Womenswear Fall Winter 2016 show.They are clearly a perfect item for this fall season -it's super clear just by looking at its choice and mix of colours. Though being all classy, these have lots of different inspirations combined which is what makes them so unique. I would totally wear them with any outfit, work, casual jeans, night, dressy...


Pionnière has a strong character with a sophisticated artisan work and elegant bronze details and colours. This bag is defined by different worlds, inspiration is soft with a round shape -like a hunter's bag-, militar uniform is behind the strap, giving it a sense of adventure, travel and a bit of sporty life. IT clearly depicts a strong identity.

source: PRADA

source: PRADA


Cahier has similar details to ancient books, with bronze colours and metallic elements as the book bindings. Its upper section of the flap -usually contrasting- reminds us of the book spine. Cahier is also emblematic of a sturdy notebook -more like a journal.
source PRADA


While Pionnere is kinda masculine and outgoing, Cahier is more inspired in libraries or personal diaries. Which one is more you? :) Mine is definitely Cahier!


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