What do I want for my bday? BDAY GIFTLIST.

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All I want for Christmas   November 16 is...be able to eat all the cake I want without gaining any weight. Every Bday and Christmas my family and friends give me some gift and over the years I have a long list of anecdotes in which my face told "thanks but not my style" which led to bad vibes around the house (read my stubborn  mom "of course you like it, it's brown!" -Queen of logics). 

I always thank in advance if the other person gives any hint of what they want when I have to buy a present because honestly, no one likes to experience the "oh thanks!" -never worn feeling. I prefer honesty and saying "Thx but I will change it" and see that person wears that gift a lot :)

My friends have always got me things I liked and for the last couple of years I have been keeping a wishlist they can check if they lack ideas or inspiration. It is not a "buy me this" list, but a way of inspiration/ideas for the ones who are determined to give me a bday present, but there is no need. All i would like is to have more time and coincidence in schedules so we could meet more often and travel around, really. Also, I really have this list for myself. Thing I like, list. Pay day, lau checks the list, great, one more purchase. So be clear this is not a shallow person giving her friends a list of things i want them to buy. 

I started using Gifstser with my cousins every Christmas...and it really works. We are 8 cousins and every Christmas we play the Secret Santa game to give and receive 1 present per person. We all know the shopping days before Christmas can be busy for the ones studying (exams) or working, so instead of spending long hours in crowded shopping malls, we use this list to go straight to what the other really wants. Gifster lets you put all the information you need: description, picture, link of the item if purchaseable online, store, price, any details... 

You can check my list here (with links that redirect to items and ticking off "reserve" "purchase") or have a look above where I listed some of the things I added to the list.

CLOTHES. Some of the things I included in the list are dresses from ASOS from all the times I scroll the website down and find some outfits for nights out or meetings with friends, other things of course are everyday basics (in leopard print always) or a sweater I liked the other day in Pimkie.

ASOS dress (18€)

ASOS Velvet dress (29)
ASOS Dress (24€)

Bejeweled sweater (25€) Pimkie

SHOES. Always a difficult thing to buy for another person since you never know the shoe size of the other or deep personal taste but these are totally me! -I even have the exact same pair from ZARA but in pale pink.

ZARA leopard ballerina flats (35€)

JEWELRY. I love it! I have many many accessories and always wear them especially if I opt for a basic outfit or a total black one and want some accessories to make a statement. 
ZARA Earrings (9€)

TRENDCY colorful earrings by Miss Julie (37€)

PANDORA Charm (29€)

TRENDCY Bracelet (34€)
BAGS. "I have too many bags" said no woman ever. You won't believe this but I really need a bag to wear at the office big enough and with departments inside to separate all my stuff and serious enough to look as a super busy and important person -for the days I run out of time and end up going to work on my jeans and converse. Serious situation. The crossbody little one is just too lau not to have :)
PARFOIS Bag (29€)

MAKEUP. I have a serious obsession with lipsticks, and my fav brands from all time are NARS and CHANEL. I was mad trying to re-buy my used up Chanel 29 Ballet Russe but they don't make it anymore! (DEP to a lovely autumn/xmas shade). Instead I found NARS Vera and Audrey which look gorgeous, and Bonheur by Chanel.
NARS Audrey

CHANEL Bonheur (30€)

What do you think of these items? Shotout to Jen and Mon who should have done their list too just thinking of their friends who are struggling to find anything for their bdays..

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