BDBA holiday dresses

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Holidays are around the corner and when it comes to Christmas we all think about red and green lights but black for our outfits. No no no! There are many options for the most wonderful time of the year and though a LBD can be a life saver when you spent too much time trying outfits on, think red, purple, silver... why not?! Don't be afraid to look outstanding in a boring crowd that went for the simple black on NYE or Christmas Eve. 

Silver and gold are sure present in December but we tend to wear them as accessories. Red is more for our lipstick, maybe? I say go red (read burgundy) this Christmas. Or try to wear a different color for each event you have: family dinner, friends meeting, office dinner, etc.

BDBA is a luxury Spanish firm I like to check every now and then, we love their shinny and embroidered dresses and we could spend hours in their store. Their designs are unique and very party-like. But apart from the dresses you'd wear to parties or events, there are also trendy accessories, shoes made in Spain and Italy and a line of more casual items for our everyday life.

Here are some selections I made for many occasions. 

As you can see, all colors are an option but my selection went for the most xmasy ones, dark purple, reds, black, gold...Draped dresses with sequins, long and short sleeves and V-necks. Bandage, lace, transparencies, embroidery... which one is your fav? I especially like the purple one! :)


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