Black Friday & Sales: be careful & shop wisely

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If you are on the lookout for some goodies you are lucky we added Black Friday to our calendars! And if that day doesn't work out for you, wait a bit longer and you'll have winter sales :) The good thing about sales is that you don't have to end up shopping in cheap fast fashion (=poor quality) but you can get good quality items that will last longer and fit better, for discounted price.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday came here a few years ago -definitely to stay. Now, I've got the feeling we don't have the same Black Friday as Americans have, and I heard many times we should be careful with the first sales and Black Friday's too. What should we buy? Which questions do we have to ask ourselves before considering buying a fashion item?
1. First of all, mental shot of your closet! 
Just like we check everything before going out of the house (car keys, house keys, phone, cards, money, etc), try to check the inside of your closet and, if necessary, make a list of things you really need. If there's something you use a lot and it's kinda getting too used.. you might want add that to the list too (that might go for jeans or basics). Of course if there is something you don't need but you wanted it for long I'm not saying NO WAY. 

2. Research before going loco in the stores
Browse your deals beforehand. Compare prices before/now, check reviews...Yes you might have a wishlist but you can also play the researcher role for a bit and check if those things you want are worth their price. Are they genuine and good quality? Because honestly bad quality for a cheap price is no deal. *Be careful! Some retailers put higher prices before sales/Black Friday only to lower them on the specific date and make you think oouu boy what a deal! KA-CHING!

3. Set a budget
Typical but believe me, very useful. And some lessons you neeever learn.. I'm so guilty of this. You think "I'll only spend X" and your visa ends up giving Indian smoke signals that look like % and $ €. Solution? Leave credit cards at home to avoid the "I need this/ I totally need that" the I-NEED-IT-ALL shopaholic attitude. If you set a budget and bring it in cash it will be much easier to think twice before buying any item and make you a self-interview that goes as follows:

4. Think twice, that's my only advice ♫♬
Gnars Barley has it right with this song when he says I remember when I lost my mind, there was something so pleasant about that place. And when you're out there without care, I was out of touch. Does that make me crazy? - Who hasn't felt the craziness of a crowded store during sales? You go all Freddy Mercury "I want it all and I want it now" but ohh we are so wrong! Put on your police RayBans and ask yourself:
  • Did I even wanted this before it was on sale?
  • Could I combine this with the rest of my clothes?
  • Is it really my style? Will I wear it at the office/meetings/with friends/family etc?
  • Will this be one of those items I buy for the discount and then never wear?
  • Is this an "all time" item or is it just a fad?
If your answers were negative, then Bye-Buy.

Of course these dates are great for Christmas shopping or bdays you might have, so if you have a list of gifts for family and friends you know when to shop!


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4 comments to blue my mind

  1. I remember as a kid going to the Dallas Galleria every Black Friday. It was chaos even in the 1980s. This is good advice for these even more hectic times of Black Friday.

  2. Fab tips! I don't trust myself during the sales haha always get carried away! Xx

    1. same here! I try to behave but uuu..

  3. I always mess up on black Friday. I get way too excited over sales!! LOL!