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I ended 2015 and started 2016 in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. Last year me and two friends went on a route around central Europe and spend ten fabulous days around amazing places trying to live something in between local and tourist. On December 31 we took a train from Prague to Bratislava and spend the afternoon trying to find some place open to buy food but found everything closed... We ended up going to a restaurant and then going back to our apartment (it was super cold) to get ready for the NYE countdown in the castle.

After having a toast and celebrating the start of 2016 we went back to the apartment to have some more drinks. On January 1 we had a walk around the center and had lunch in a restaurant -we were not very lucky since it was super cold inside and the food was not very good. 

Bratislava proved to be a small city, and we are people from a big city so it was a bit shocking to see such a small capital.  The city is characterized by being surrounded by medieval towers and 20thC buildings although it has undergone many changes due to construction boom in early 21thC.

Lots of its historical buildings can be found in the Old Town, where we strolled around first thing in the morning of January 1st.. until we were too cold and decided to go somewhere to have a coffee. The Town Hall is a complex of 3 buildings from 14 and 15th centuries. Michael's Gate has been kept as a medieval fortification and it ranks among the oldest buildings of the town. 

After having lunch, we walked a bit more but ended up again in a warm place having coffee and cake and trying to think what to do with the hours we had left before continuing our route towards Vienna. Mou was feeling a bit under the weather so she directly headed home to have a rest, and Gemma and me decided to go up the hill and see the castle again now during the day. It was fun since it started snowing and we could take great pictures (we are not very used to it), so the snow and fog helped us to take nice wintery pictures.

After following the directions on the map and what a local told us, and still thinking "are we going the right way?" we just continued walking upwards with the castle in our minds and watching it as we got closer. Once we got there (yaaay!) we were a bit tired so we just relaxed for a bit taking pictures here and there. 

Under the cold weather and snow starting to make another appearance we decided to go down and head to the apartment to prepare our bags and look for right directions to get to our bus stop for the night (1hour ride by bus from Bratislava to Vienna!). Gemma and I took our time to go down, since the floor was super slippery and we tried to walk super slow taking care of each other looking a bit silly. 

We spend two days in Bratislava but we saw quite a lot of the city, and I'm sure Slovakia is a great country and has gorgeous sights and landscapes if you travel the country by car. I liked some buildings and the ld Town which was mostly for pedestrians. I don't think I will repeat that visit but it was certainly an interesting experience and great way to finish and start the year!

Who has been in Slovakia? Any thoughts on the Slovakian capital?

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