Christmas time in Prague: markets

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Boy last year was a mental tornado but I ended it in one of my favourite places in the world: Prague! 

Going to Prague at Christmas is a magical experience you sure have to try out, if the city is charmingly fabulous per se, imagine it with all Christmas decoration and sparkling lights plus the scents of cinnamon or sweet foods on street stalls. The markets are up, shop windows shine at their best, and the decorated trees around the city make you feel a character in a fairytale. Cold weather? duh, of course. Just take advantage of it and use it as an excuse to have some hot chocolate or coffee.

There are 4 main Christmas markets in Prague. 

  • The one in Old Town Square is the biggest and oldest, with the presence of the official Christmas tree. There is also a pony-ride area and decoration so you can take pictures next to the "restaurant" stalls.
  • The market in Wenceslas Square has lots of food stalls too but maybe less on decoration. The most frequented are the drink stalls (coffee, beer, chocolate, mulled wine). 
  • Next, the market in Republic Square, with more space and cheaper products. Next to the shopping mall Palladium, this is the smallest market.
  • And last, there is one in Namestí Miru (love love the place!). Not in the very center but in the lovely district of Vinohrady. Independent stalls with local products. 

If you haven't yet, yes you need to try svavrene víno (mulled wine) and then decide if you like it or not but come on! Christmas time, xmass market and Central cold Europe ;). You can also drink grog, rum with lemon. Or medovina, honey-wine. 
Feeling hungry in the middle of the cold streets but lovely decoration of the xmas markets? Try something from the food stalls or head to a cozy restaurant nearby. You can go for the spit roast you can find in the markets, which is mostly pork and you add the sauce you want. Or you can go for the sausages (like in all xmas markets) here parek, klobasa and bavorska (spiced). Their style is to have it on a plate with bread and mustard but yes you can find the hot dog style too. Other stalls serve bowl food and the popular one is halusky -a mix of pieces and bacon. For dessert you can try trdelnik, a sweet bread with different flavours, wrapped around a cylinder. 

How many of you are thinking of spending Christmas holidays abroad?
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