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German fashion and lifestyle blogger Sarah behind the blog Faries and Berries  loves to try new styles and products she later writes about on her blog. She works in the fashion industry and is well connected to the fashion world. Inspired by people and styles from cities she visits, she dresses under the idea that we all should be true to our personality and never say "NO" to outfits we don't know 100% about before trying them on. Let's see what she has to say on the worlds of fashion and blogging:

1. What is your top style tip?

Style is individual. Everyone has a different body shape, some parts of the body they don't like and some people prefer more colorful clothes than others. The most important tip is to stay true to yourself, to your style and your personality. Fashion is beautiful and everybody is able to create a individual style considering his/her body shape and job. I work in a fashion company and a lot of people tell me "No that's not my color", but I tell everyone to try it on and so many people are happy when they wear it, because a different color can be beautiful. So if I should answer this question in one sentence, this sentence would be " Be open to new things considering your body".

2 What would you say that is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
Fashion Blogging is my hobby and it's not a real challenge for me. I love to write and inspire people with my personality. That is the reason for my blog, but I think a big challenge in Fashion Blogging is to be a real good one. In the internet are so many lovely fashion Blogger with amazing style and to become one of the best is a hard challenge.

3 Do you get ideas or inspiration from other bloggers?
Of Course I check out other Bloggers, but my inspiration for my outfits I get on shopping trips. I enjoy long shopping days with friends or my mum. Checking out other Blogs or Instagram accounts is a lot of fun, but my style inspirations are made by myself. If I walk through the city I get so many different style ideas and impressions. I can decide between so many clothes and get inspired by them.

4 How would you style your friends if they asked your help?

If my friends need help by a style the first thing I would do is asking some questions like " Do you have any idea what style it should be?" or " Do you prefer any colors and shops?". Then I would do a shopping trip with my friend and check out the stores. Try out different clothes and styles if they have no idea how the look should be. Of course I consider the style they wore before the shopping trip. 

5. Do you collaborate with brands for your blog?
With my old Blog I collaborated with brands but at the moment not so much. My Blog isn't that old and I started a few months ago. It takes time to become more popular. Last week I got a make-up remover from bebe to test. I am very excited to collaborate with more brands to inspire my readers, but at the moment it works a bit slowly.

Like Sarah, I started this blog as a hobby and found out I truly have a passion for my writing, especially about travelling and fashion. I hope Sarah keeps up with her work and ends up having an English version of Fairies and Berries!


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  1. I have some good news! :-)
    Fairies and Berries is now also in english! :-)