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A very young travel blog ran by a girl who is visiting different US states and European countries. Still studying at university and working part time, whenever Lianna goes abroad she shares her experiences and interests on her blog. This American girl is willing to travel the world aiming to see at least one part of each continent. Will she reach her goal? Let's find out what motivated her to start travelling while still studying and working.

What moved you to start travelling?

My family had always traveled when I was younger, just to little places nearby states or islands but I fell in love with experiencing new places. I ended up going to Ireland to meet my boyfriend when I was 18 and fell in love with that experience -and decided to go to Europe several more times since the more I travel the more places I want to see.

How do you fund your trips (savings, working while traveling...)?

I definitely do it through savings. I have been lucky enough to have parts of m trips paid for by my family, but in my more recent adult years I have saved up part of every paycheck in an account specifically for travel. 

Do you have a travel bucket list?

Yes, my bucket list is huge and always growing! A couple of places I would love to see are Japan, Iceland, and all of Scandinavia, but my big goal is to visit every continent. 

Do you learn the language or the basics before going somewhere?

I always try to learn language basics before going somewhere, like on my most recent trip to Germany, I studied a bit of German for a few months before going so I knew greetings and basic phrases. 

Which has been your best trip and your worst experience so far?

This is a hard one, but my best trip was probably to Copenhagen. I barely got to spend much time there, but I don't think I have ever loved a place so instantly. My worst experience was probably my third trip to the Bahamas. Nothing particular "bad" happened but my 3rd trip there I realized there was nothing new to do and I wasn't interested in doing anything I already did, so I was incredibly bored. Of course I grew up in Florida and lived in Puerto Rico, so I think I had just grown a little bored of beaches at the time.

It seems Lianna is full of eagerness to discover new places and meet very different people. We are waiting for her posts and I hope she gets to tick off each to-do/see on her bucket list, and especially hope she likes my city (I read she is wishing to walk around the Gothic quarter in Barcelona).

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