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Nottingham was the first trip I did to celebrate my first birthday abroad, and it became a tradition on my calendar. Since I turned 19 I spent all my birthdays abroad because, who wants to spend their bday at home/class/work? :) 

Monica and I went to this town without really knowing what we would find, apart from early Christmas markets and Starbucks. Locals usually say "but why there?" but really, really. It was super fun and interesting. We laughed a lot at the "hotel" if we may call it that... and I guess any situation of the 2 of us together can always turn funny somehow. 

The city has its industrial part but there are many green parks and brick houses that brought me Dickens novels in mind.. :) Also, the castle and story of Robin Hood are also interesting and the architecture in general was so different from what we have here that I took thousands of pictures of old inns and houses.

In the 13th Century the city had a wall built around it. When Richard Lionheart came back from the crusades he found the castle occupied by Prince John affiliates, among them there was the sheriff of Nottingham, but the king took the castle back –as it goes in the legend of Robin Hood. // During the Industrial Revolution the city reached its peak thanks to textile industry. If you are visiting Nottingham for a day there are a few places you will like to see:
  • Old Market square
  • Albert Hall
  • the Castle
  • University Trent Nottingham (neogothic)
  • Big Wheel

Galleries of Justice or Shire Hall, a museum where you can see how justice used to work, how criminals were imprisoned, went through trial and were executed.
City of Caves
Green’s Windmill, house of the physician George Green and now a science museum
the castle museum. 

Robin Hood is the character of a well-known English legend that has survived for many years. This was written in the Middle ages, telling people that Robin stole from the rich to give money to the poor and fought injustices and tyranny. He and his group of friends are linked to the Sherwood Forest and the county of Nottinghamshire, which is said to be their home.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is said to be the oldest pub in town and one of the oldest in England. It is said it was established in 1189 AD, though there is no evidence yet. This pub is attached to several caves carved out f the sandstone of the Castle Rock. Next to it there were a set of lovely houses nestled into the rocks, which are now a museum of Victorian houses. 

The museum of industry is in Wollaton Park, and museum of natural history is in Wollaton Hall. Wollaton Hall is a spectacular Elizabethan country house, with a surrounding park where you can take wonderful pictures near the lake or the trees. We had a long walk around the forest part, park and next to the lake, until we found a spot to eat lunch and coffee. The park itself is worth a visit. 

Who has been to Nottingham? Would you go after reading this post? :)

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